Commercial & Industrial Lubricants

• Hydraulic Fluids
• Circulating Oils
• Compressor Fluids
• Gear Oils
• Specialty Greases
• Synthetic Greases
• Way Lubricants
• Metal Working Fluids
• Rust Preventatives
• Environmentally Safe Products
• H1 & H2 Food Safe Products

LA Industries’Premium Diesel Additives


CFPP Plus Winter Additive

Concentrated to reduce CFPP up to 25 degrees.

CFPP Plus 100 / 12 oz.

Specifically used for a 1:100 treat ratio.

ResQ Plus

An emergency fuel treatment specifically formulated to dissolve gelled fuel back into solution.

ULSD Extender Plus

• MPG Improver
• Cetane Additive
• Injector Cleaner

Dispensing Equipment

• DEF Equipment
• Pumps and Reels
• Control Values and Meters
• Caged Disposable Totes
• Air Grease Dispensers

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Diesel Fuel

Bio Diesel