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The transportation Industry’s profit margins become more and more narrow with today’s economy and moreover, the cost of fuel.

We have designed diesel additives to not only ensure operability when cold weather concerns exist, we help improve your MPG’s to help increase your bottom line.

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It’s no secret that the cost of Industrial equipment whether in a manufacturing plant or off road earth moving equipment is substantial. We understand the importance of providing the undeniably correct specified product, along with your lubricant program.

Whether you need recommendations for new equipment or plant surveys for existing equipment, we provide years of valuable experience to assist with your needs.


Public Entity

LA Industries currently supplies a variety of Public entities such as School Districts, Townships and Municipalities.

Whether they purchase by annual bid or spot purchase we can help with your budget. While many states now require a percentage of lubricants to be re-refined, we carry quality products which meet the state specifications.

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